#02 | The Wizard Was Actually Shazam

Brandon and Kareem discuss the Oscars, Mo’Nique being black-balled, turning “The Sound of Music” off after seven minutes and other movies everyone else loves but they hate, one of which for Brandon is…”The Wiz”? If that wasn’t enough we discuss whether or we can listen to “I Believe I Can Fly” without thinking about watersports. Later, John swings in to join the discussion about weird 80’s sitcoms and other topics.

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*00:01:38: “Selma” – We discuss the reaction to “Selma by an Oscar voter, how race affects the awards and we slander “LOTR: Return of the King”. How, Sway?

*00:11:40: Mo’Nique – Has she been blackballed by Hollywood for being difficult to work with?

*00:18:30: “Empire” – Brandon is still in denial about being able to resist it, while Kareem holds strong.

*00:30:00: Popular Movies We Hate – Our long topic this week starts with Christmas in February and eases on down the road with a discussion on Nazis, Harpo and pink bunny pajamas…

*00:57:20: Aquaman! – Yeah, DC is doing an Aquaman film before a Shazam! one. We discuss casting news and talk about the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe.

*01:09:50: Problematic Music Artists: Does it matter if the piss was digital? Mark Ribowsky’s “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg: The Troubled Lives and Enduring Soul of the Temptations” spawns a discussion about whether it’s possible to separate the actions of an artist from their work. John pops up near the end.

*01:28:42: John Catches Up – John briefly shares his thoughts on the previously discussed topics.

*01:55:47: Weird 80s Sitcom Discussion – Alf ate cats? Also, Brandon’s the only one that remembers the Smolletts’ series “On Our Own”.

*02:13:34: Best OutKast Album/Outro – The guys cast their votes for the hip-hop duo’s best LP.

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