#04 | Tarantino Was Right

Brandon, Kareem and John discuss Hollywood’s newfound fascination with Black folks this pilot season. We also talk about “House of Cards” Season 3, the evil that Lee Daniels has spun over at FOX and…Byron Allen? Our big topic this week is a discussion about Motown vs. Stax.

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*0:01:29: “House of Cards” Season 3 – How does the third season of the character-driven Netflix drama fare when the character starts to struggle.

*0:15:01: Byron Allen Sues Al Sharpton and Comcast – Yes, Byron Allen is still alive, and has the lawsuits to prove it.

*0:27:00: Is Will Smith’s Career in Trouble? – After a lackluster opening for his latest film, “Focus”, we talk about whether to not the Will Smith is a still a major box office draw.

*0:31:05: All Black Pilot Season – Suddenly every major network has a Master’s degree in African-American studies. We talk about the “‘Empire’ effect” on this upcoming television season.

*0:41:55: “Our Gang (The Little Rascals)”, Race, and Racism – Hold up, “The Little Rascals” were racist? Gather the kids around because we talk about classic Hollywood racism.

*01:04:08: “Empire” – Kareem suffers through another discussion on “Empire” as we do our weekly recap.

*01:17:11: Music Film/Musical Film Tropes – From “Empire” to “Dreamgirls” and other representations of the music industry on film.

*01:36:31: Motown vs. Stax/Outro – Kareem and Brandon have a lively discussion on the differences between Motown & Stax.

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