#08 | Beware the Cancellation Bear

So your show didn’t get the best ratings, ha? The network got you shook, ha? You might get cancelled, ha? Brandon, John, and Kareem go over the data and try to figure out which shows’ blocks might be on fire, as well as the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, another Disney live-action remake, and a bunch of shows on Netflix.

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*00:01:32: John Singleton Quits 2Pac Biopic – And once again, the long-in-development-hell film about ‘Pac returns to purgatory. Why is this so hard?

*00:16:48:10: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in Live-Action – We discuss the upcoming remake of John’s favorite Disney film starring Emma Watson and directed by Bill Condon.

*00:25:38:14: Game of Thrones & Superhero Movies – Kareem and John discuss HBO’s hit drama while Brandon looks on dumbfounded. The conversation later shifts to the upcoming “Wonder Woman”, “The Flash”, and “Shazam!” films, “Chronicle”, and standard printed four-color comic books.

*01:00:34:11: Cancellation Bear and Other TV News – We go over TVByTheNumbers’ “cancellation index” to discuss which prime-time network shows are in danger of not coming back next fall.

*01:13:32:15: “Arrested Development” on Netflix – We discuss the return of new episodes of “Arrested Development”, more on the Sony hack, and what a Lee Daniels remake of “The Brady Bunch” would like.

*01:25:21:47: Apple Watch – Say it ain’t so! Will supplies of Apple’s newest product fall short on launch day?

*01:33:49:45: “Daredevil” on Netflix – We rave over Marvel’s newest TV adaptation. Eat your heart out, Batfleck.

*01:48:22:40: “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Begins” – We discuss the second trailer, and our anticipation, for the next Star Wars film.

*01:57:14:06: TIDAL – We discuss Jay-Z and friends’ launch of their artist-invested premium streaming service.

*02:03:33:45: The Wiz Live! – Brandon does a fantasy casting for NBC’s live holiday production of the Broadway show, and prays it’s nothing like that awful 1978 movie version (Brandon may or may not have written these notes).

*02:39:11:02: Outro

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