#09 | The Discriminatory Six (feat. Ken)

Everyone has gone crazy. Mo’Nique has gone crazy. Sony Pictures has gone crazy. Jay-Z has gone crazy. Adam Sandler has gone down-right _insane_. Ken returns to try and help us make sense of all of the grandstanding, racism, generally bad business practices, and the planting of the seeds for a Madea/TMNT crossover.

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*00:01:00:00: Start/Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Not Moving Forward – Brandon ducks for employment cover, while Kareem, John, and Ken discuss the corporate giant that is Comcast.

*00:18:39:18: Mo’Nique on “Sway in the Morning” – Mo’Nique _insists_ she was offered the part of Cookie Lyon on “Empire” before Taraji P. Henson. She thinks she’s got the emails to prove it, but does she understand what words mean? We analyze her exact words from her appearance on Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morning” to find out.

*00:34:14:12: Sony Licensing Valiant Comics, Tyler Perry is Baxter Stockman? – Clearly stuck for a punchline, Sony Pictures turns to mining the intellectual property of…Valiant Comics? Meanwhile, Michael Bay says “heller” to a new actor to portray Baxter Stockman in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”, and we huddle in fear.

*00:59:44:16: Iceman is Gay – We discuss Marvel Comics drags Bobby Drake kicking and screaming out of the closet.

*01:05:32:58: “Galaxy Quest” – The comedy about a sci-fi TV show is being adapted into a TV show of its own, and Kareem and John are here for it.

*01:09:41:23: Betty Boop, Live Action? – Lady Gaga has signed on to the most bizarre-sounding of cartoon-to-film adaptations, and we try to understand why.

*01:16:17:12: DreamWorks’ “Richie Rich” on Netflix – Because even children without cable deserve access to terrible kiddie sitcoms, right?

*01:21:15:46: “Fuller House” on Netflix – See above.

*01:29:10:08: Adam Sandler’s “The Ridiculous Six” – We do a dramatic reading of the bizarrely offensive script that sent several Native American actors marching off the set of the upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix comedy film.

*01:46:33:43: John Gushes About Some Watch Thing He Bought – Yes, John bought an Apple Watch. Yes, he’s wearing it now. And yes, it’s actually sort of awesome.

*01:54:12:16: TIDAL – Jay-Z’s streaming music service launch didn’t go as he planned, and we discuss how he blamed the public in verse and tweets, how quickly Kanye jumped ship, and whether or not TIDAL can recover.

*02:26:55:17: “Dardevil” Discussion – SPOILERS – Brandon covers his ears as John and Kareem discuss the rest of the first season of “Daredevil”.

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