#10 | Let’s You and Him Fight

Mayweather fights Pacquiao. Jamie Foxx fights “The Star Spangled Banner”. Trinidad James fights obscurity. Fox fights Josh Trank over “Fantastic Four”, and Sony fights its good sense and moves forward with a film version of “Good Times”. Warner Bros. even fights itself, as it is wont to do, over how to handle the DC Cinematic Universe. However, Iron Man fought The Hulk in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and that battle we could get behind.

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*00:01:00: Start/Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight – We discuss the biggest – and probably shortest – TV event of the week, and how much money it made.

*00:12:24: Jamie Foxx Sings the National Anthem – “That’s all right, baby; that’s alright” said the Black church mother.

*00:17:48: “Good Times” Feature Film/Other TV Shows Turned Into Movies – Kenya Barris has been hired by Sony to resurrect James, Florida, JJ, and the gang from cancellation purgatory. But what happened all the other times other creators have tried to the same thing? We dig deep, with the help of Wikipedia, to determine which – if any – TV-to-film translations actually worked.

*00:58:41: Trinidad James and the Fickle Music Industry – We discuss an in-depth Buzzfeed article on the “All Gold Everything” rapper, and how fleeting success can be for modern major-label artists.

*01:18:05: “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Review – We all saw it, and we all loved it. Well, most of it anyway. John is very much not a fan of farm livin’, we find out.

*01:47:09: Why is DC Comics Making This So Hard? – Nevermind whatever ends up on-screen; the real “Batman vs. Superman” and “Wonder Woman” battles are happening behind-the-scenes as various figureheads attempt to take control of the nascent DC film franchise. We discuss whether or not they’re going to screw it up for everyone.

*02:09:14: “Fantastic Four” and Josh Trank’s Firing/Outro – It’s never a good sign when a director is barred from the set of a major superhero film undergoing reshoots. We discuss what Josh Trank’s separation from Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny could mean for the end product.

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