#11 | Fall is Coming

With Kareem out this week, Brandon and John subject themselves to several of the promotional trailers for the upcoming 2015-16 season’s new shows. From heavy comic-book adaptations to tired-sounding three-camera sitcoms, we wade through the muck and mire to see if there’s anything we’d actually like to turn in for. We also go over other news of the week, as well as films shot in, or set in, our respective hometowns, and whether or not they made us want to throw things.

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*00:03:47: Fall 2015 Trailers: We watch each of several of the previews for the upcoming fall slate of shows, and give our initial reactions to each:

*00:03:48: “Supergirl” (CBS)

*00:09:15: “Rosewood” (FOX)

*00:11:24: “The Real O’Neals” (ABC)

*00:13:26: “Uncle Buck” (ABC)

*00:15:17: “Dr. Ken” (ABC)

*00:17:33: “Mr. Robinson” (NBC)

*00:19:29: “The Carmichael Show” (NBC)

*00:22:40: “People are Talking” (NBC)

*00:25:06: “Legends of Tomorrow” (CW)

*00:28:58: “The Muppets” (ABC)

*00:30:47: “Pitch Perfect 2” – John reviews the new hit musical-comedy starring Rebel Wilson

*00:35:51: Movie News – Fox is making a “New Mutants” film, and “Selma’s” Ava DuVernay is being courted by Marvel to direct something female-y or blackish (not “black-ish”).

*00:43:30: Forbes on Most Profitable Movie Studios – We discuss the ranking of movie studios for the year, to date.

*00:53:56: Terrible “Jem and the Holograms” Trailer – Universal decided it wanted to remake “Josie and the Pussycats” (2001) as a drama. We’re not pleased.

*01:00:20: More Movie News – Disney buys the rights to make a “Princess of North Sudan” movie about a girl who is decidedly not Sudanese, and we debate the development of Emmett Till and Jackie Kennedy biopics.

*01:14:22: Snoop Dogg Thinks “Game of Thrones” is Historically Accurate – I think that title speaks for itself.

*01:16:25: Movies Filmed or Set in Your Hometown – Brandon is from Georgia, John is from Ohio. We discuss movies shot in or set in our hometowns, and whether or not our sets were properly repped.

*01:24:29: Classic Pick of the Week (Brandon): Imitation of Life (1959) – Brandon discusses the melodrama starring Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner. Wait, what was that about Lana Turner?

*01:34:45: Netflix Pick of the Week (Brandon): The Reluctant Dragon (1941)/Outro – Brandon also implores everyone with a Netflix account to check out this Disney mocumentary/studio tour.

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