#13 | TransUrkel (JJ Evans vs. Steve Urkel)

James Evans, Jr. Steven Quincy Urkel. Two teenaged Black sitcom characters, one common argument: are they offensive stereotypes or just broadly comic characters? Kareem, Brandon, and John debate the issue, as well as comparing and contrasting the series that bore both characters, "Good Times" and "Family Matters".

We also discuss a Buzzfeed ranking of the Disney animated features that John sent Brandon primarily to drive him crazy, and the strange phenomenon that is Rachel Dolezal, the reverse Sarah Jane from "Imitation of Life".

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*00:01:00: PreRoll: Rachel Dolezal – "Transracial?" Wat. Is this a thing?

*00:07:29: Intro/Stuff We Watched Last Week – …and movie recommendations dedicated to Rachel Dolezal: "Watermelon Man" (1970) and "Mandingo" (1975)

*00:27:35: "Jurassic World" Box Office Performance – Are dinosaurs bringing about the extinction of superhero films?

*00:33:24: DreamWorks Animation Skewing Younger – Facing declining box office revenues, the studio thinks aiming more squarely at kids will reverse their fortunes. We debate the issue.

*00:41:32: Marvel Not Going to Comic-Con – We discuss how great of a come-up this is for both Marvel and DC.

*00:49:27: Raven-Symoné Joins "The View" – …and we collectively facepalm.

*00:53:11: Disney Animated Film Ranking Article from Buzzfeed – This list puts "Fantasia" at number 37. So you know Brandon had a fit over it.

*01:29:58: "Good Times" & J.J. vs. "Family Matters" & Urkel – The main event. Where else are you going to find an in-depth analysis and comparison of two of the longest-running Black family sitcoms not to involve fanciful sweaters?

*02:32:30: Post Show

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