#16 | Man on Fire: Collector’s Edition

John’s fire alarm keeps going off, but he braves a potential fiery death to join Kareem and Brandon in discussing some of our favorite – and not-so-favorite – alternate and director’s cuts of films. We also discuss "Empire’s" Emmy "snub" (Snub? Really?), how After Effects is evil, and whether or not it’s okay to count films with strong subject matter as being among your favorites.

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*00:01:00: The Fire Alarm

*00:03:36: Intro/Stuff We Saw & Heard – Kareem and John discuss the TV series "House of Lies" and "The Flash"

*00:12:40: "The Goonies 2"? – *truffle shuffles*

*00:16:17: "Empire" at the Emmys – Lee Daniels’ Black "Dynasty" "only" gets three Emmy nods. Was it a snub, accurate, or a lucky break?

*00:34:02: 50 Cent Calls AT&T Racist – AT&T Uverse is threatening to drop Starz, leading 50 Cent to publicly declare them racist. Wat?

*00:46:26: After Effects Woes

*00:48:29: Ava (DuVernay) Explains It All – The "Selma" director discusses why she passed on "Black Panther"

*00:55:18: Best and Worst Director’s Cuts of Films – We go over some of our favorite and hated revised cuts of films, including "Superman II" (2006), "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977), "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986), and more.

*01:29:15: "Rosewood" and Other Visceral Films – A friend of Brandon’s named "Rosewood" (1997) as one of his favorite films, and John’s eyebrow shot up. We discuss "Rosewood" and other films that cause pointed reactions from various audiences, and what people think when you identify them as being among your favorites.

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