#17 | It’s a Shame

"Fantastic Four" looks like it’s going to suck. "The Wiz Live!" looks like it’s going to suck. Tyrese has returned to music, but his chart results look like they’re going to suck. What’s going on here? We also discuss Drake Vs. Meek Mill, the ghost of the still-very-much alive Amy Pascal haunting Sony Pictures, and the worlds of Brazilian music and non-Motown Detroit soul.

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*00:01:00: Intro/Stuff We Saw This Week – Reviews of "Ant-Man", "Gone with the Wind" on Blu-Ray

*00:14:24: Drake vs. Meek Mill – What’s beef? Not this, really.

*00:25:03: The Ghost of Amy Pascal and Other Sony Woes – Despite showing Pascal the door earlier in the year, they still have to deal with the leftover slate of movies she put into production. We discuss their troubles and woes dealing with it.

*00:34:27: Too Many British Actors? – Michael Douglas and Spike Lee, among others, are worried that there’s too many British male actors in American films as of late. What’s the deal with this xenophobic attitude?

*00:38:14: Channing All Over Your – Channing Tatum is holding out on Fox over "Gambit". Could he possibly play Shazam instead?

*00:40:13: "Fuller House"/Vivica A. Fox – The pilot of the "Full House" sequel has been shot; how do we feel about it? We also delve into discussion of the career of Vivica A. Fox, who, like most other Black actors, has shored up an appearance on "Empire".

*00:48:44: Not So "Fantastic Four" – There’s an embargo on reviews, and rumors that there’s a good reason for the embargo. We discuss the speculation

*00:58:57: "Shaft" Remake Will Suck – Kenya Barris, creator of "black-ish", has been hired to bring back the Black private dick. We’re concerned.

*01:07:16: "The Wiz Live!" Will Suck Too – Mary J. Blige as Evilene? Brandon is really concerned; Kareem offers a counterpoint.

*01:25:06: Tyrese is Loud and…Sorta Right? – Kareem and Brandon debate Tyrese’s statement that his new throwback R&B single "Shame" would do better on the charts if he were white.

*01:42:16: Classic Pick of the Week (all music) – "Gil e Jorge" (1975), or "Holland-Dozier-Holland: The Complete 45s Collection", and "The Great David Ruffin: The Motown Solo Albums Vol. 1"

*02:00:51: John Catches Up/"Fuller House" Part 2/Outro – John pops in and he and Brandon discuss "Fuller House" a bit more.

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