#27 | We Need to Talk About Quentin (feat. Bobby Huntley)

Quentin Tarantino, self-proclaimed savior of Black male pride, is out here saying terrible things about the history of American slavery and race. Even worse, he’s saying them in the New York Times. Clearly he must be stopped; while we don’t quite have the power to do that, we do have the power to explain why what’s he’s saying (and doing) is indeed problematic.

QT’s unfortunately not alone in letting crazy things fall out of his mouth: Whoopi Goldberg is in denial about Black women’s opportunities on television, T.I. pulls the "not to be sexist" move before being sexist about a certain presidential candidate and former Secretary of State, and then there’s a young lady named Raven-Symons, who admitted on national live television that she violates equal opportunity hiring practices. Watermelonandrea is not pleased.

Brandon and Kareem team up to tackle discussion of all of these people and the latest in movie and TV news, plus our friend, director/editor Bobby Huntley (who’s made awesome things we can’t specify, but are Google-able if you search his name) stops buy for a while to hang out in John’s place. We also talk about Brandon’s terrible experiences with his, *ahem*, local cable provider, and why he’s giving up watching "Empire" live for "black-ish".

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*00:01:00: Intro/Brandon’s Adventures in Cable Repair Service

*00:15:14: Stuff We Saw or Heard: "Sicario" (2015) and "Aladdin" (1992) – Bobby drops in

*00:29:35: The Mistakes of "Pan" & Other Movie News: a review of "Pan" decides instead to list five things movies should just stop doing.

*00:38:48: Godzilla Cinematic Universe?! – um…

*00:43:29: Project Greenlight: Effie Brown Finds Herself Out on the Line – Are Damon and Affleck turning the Black lady into the "reality show bad guy"?

*00:48:44: Free Paramount Movies! – free and legal!

*00:54:03: Pixar Updates and Animated/Superhero Movie News

*01:02:28: Tavis Smiley’s Michael Jackson Show – Bobby has a minor conniption

*01:06:37: Issa Rae’s "Insecure" Picked Up to Series

*01:10:11: "The Wiz Live!" Updates

*01:20:08: Suite of Terrible People I: Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symoné, T.I. – they said all the things, so we say things about the things they said

*01:52:54: TV Talk: "black-ish", "Empire", "The Muppets" – Brandon publicly gave up on "Empire"? Say it ain’t so!

*02:15:15: "Empire" Transition – a little more discussion on what the show is and isn’t doing as Bobby heads out

*02:19:55: Suite of Terrible People II: Quentin Tarantino & Bret Easton Ellis – the latter wrote a gushing and troublesome NYT feature about the former. There’s quite a bit to unpack here, in particular the things Tarantino did for and said about his 2012 spaghetti Western about slavery, "Django Unchained".

*02:52:35: Motown Artist Who Didn’t Make It: Shorty Long

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