#33.5 | Keep My Scarecrow Off the Pole

This was supposed to be the “Catching Up with John” segment of this week’s episode, but it ran long (we like to talk), so we’re delivering it separately.

Brandon and John have a freeform discussion about John Cena as Shazam, Black Adam vs. Captain Marvel/Shazam and the Marvel/Shazam Family, “Batman v. Superman”, “Creed” (possible spoilers) and Ryan Coogler, Quora, “Tomorrowland” pins, box office reports, “Brooklyn”, “Chi-Raq”, Jurnee Smollett vs. Jussie Smollett, “black-ish”, Hal Roach, “Dreamgirls”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and (of course) “The Wiz Live!” and how it fits into the Living Single Cinematic Universe.

Crow-ceed and listen.

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