#35 | The Say Something Nice Holiday Special, Part 1: Something-Something Darkside

So, the night after we recorded the last two episodes, Brandon, John, and Kareem convened to record what was supposed to be a brief tail to the Star Wars episode (primarily to give Kareem and John the chance to put in their take on Star Wars overall, their "The Force Awakens" anticipation, and make lighthearted fun of Brandon for just now seeing the Star Wars films).

Four hours (and some deal of alcohol and late-night loopiness) later, we had enough material for two all-new episodes. So this is part one of our 2015 Christmas present from us to you, in which we discuss Star Wars at length (spoiler alerts; also note that this was before we all saw "The Force Awakens"), as well as touch on the Golden Globe nominations, Grammy nominations, Wikipedia, and a handful of articles.

00:00: Boilerplate

00:31: Open

01:49: Pre-Show

39:11: Intro/Star Wars General Discussion

1:18:32: "The Force Awakens" Anticipation

1:25:48: Brandon Edits Wikipedia Live!

1:47:30: Golden Globe/Grammy Nominations Discussion

1:59:17: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer

2:03:04: Outro

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