#41 | Show Me on the 45 Where They Touched You

Part one of this week’s show features Brandon, Kareem, John, Ken, and Rachel reviewing “The Revenant”, “Beats of No Nation”, the latest episodes of “black-ish”, and discussions of Ryan Coogler directing “Black Panther”, the passing of Alan Rickman, and the numerous musicians who have been accused of or convicted with sleeping with underage minors.

We also introduce Ken’s Say Something Nice challenge round, for which he picks some of the most mad-making stories of the week and asks us to “Say Something Nice”.


00:00 Boilerplate

00:51 Open

01:27 Intro

02:25 Film Reviews: “The Revenant”

09:54 Film News: Alan Rickman passes at 69; Ryan Coogler to direct “Black Panther”; and more

56:13 TV Reviews: Current episodes of “black-ish”

58:25 TV News

1:11:08 Streaming Reviews & News: Review of “Beasts of No Nation”; streaming news

1:22:14 Music Reviews & News

1:32:21 Ken’s Say Something Nice Challenge Round/Outro


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