#45 | Byron Allen Strikes Back (feat. Bobby Huntley)

Part one of this week’s show finds our favorite indie filmmaker Bobby Huntley (@buntleyfilms on his very active Instagram) joining Brandon and John as they discuss #OscarsSoWhite fallout from angry older Oscars voters, the success of Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” at Sundance, Paramount going full #Poopamount, and Byron Allen shaking up the Sundance bidding table and finding time to sue the FCC and Charter Communications for racial discrimination. Plus, we offer a reenactment of the true story behind Rihanna’s new album “Anti” being leaked and a dramatic reading of Kanye West’s now-classic Twitter meltdown and its aftermath.


• 0:00:00: Boilerplate

• 0:00:50: Open

• 0:02:44: Film News & Reviews

• 0:28:01: This Week in #OscarsSoWhite

• 0:47:04: Sundance Film Festival Coverage

• 0:55:49: TV Reviews & News

• 1:20:08: Music Reviews & News

• 1:35:20: The Say Something Nice Challenge/Outro


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