#54 | Donate to KanyePAC

Recorded while John was awaiting the start of the Oscars and Brandon was watching #JusticeforFlint on mute, the two of them discuss Disney hitting up its employees for donations, more Kanye troubles, Melissa Harris-Perry quitting her MSNBC show, #TrapCovers, and reviews of “Hail, Caesar!”, “The Witch”, and the Netflix-sponsored return of the Miller-Boyett sitcom multiverse, “Fuller House”.



• 0:00:00 Boilerplate

• 0:00:23 Intro

• 0:03:57 Film Reviews: “Hail, Caesar!”/“Race”/“Selma”/“42”/“The Witch”

• 0:21:53 Film News

• 0:38:09 TV/Streaming News & Reviews

• 1:10:43 Music News

• 1:21:50 Say Something Nice Challenge

• 1:33:33 Post-Show: More on Melissa Harris-Perry (from recording session for Ep. #53)



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