#101.5 | Face It, Tiger…Spider-Man’s Down With the Swirl! (feat. Michelle & @akaAlibabwa)

Brandon, Kareem, Ken, John, Jamison and his wife Michelle, and Ali continue their discussion covering more of the recent topics in film, television, and music, including J.J. Abrams possibly directing “Man of Steel 2”, the controversy over Ellen DeGeneres’ meme of Usain Bolt, a new A Tribe Called Quest album recorded before Phife’s death, the controversy behind the production of “Sausage Party”, Chris Hansen revamping “To Catch a Predator”, and more – in particular the variety of reactions (celebratory, racist, and otherwise) to the news that Zendaya’s character in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” may indeed be Mary Jane Parker.

We also review the latest we’ve seen from television, in particular a spirited debate over whether or not Netflix’s new “The Get Down” is awesome or awesomely bad.


• 0:00:00 Film News

• 0:19:57 TV Reviews: DC Animated Universe, “The Night Of”, “The Get Down”

• 0:40:00 TV News

• 1:03:44 Music Reviews: Keith Sweat “Dress to Impress”, Jamila Woods “HEAVN”

• 1:11:49 Music News

• 1:15:54 Ken’s Say Something Nice Challenge

• 1:26:44 In Memoriam/Outro







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Join Brandon, John, Kareem, Ken, and Jamison as we discuss, dissect, and try to make sense of the past, present, and future in film, television, music, animation, race relations in media - and on occasion comics and tech - while trying to remain sane. If you’re tired of hearing the same (*ahem*) monochromatic take on modern media, we’re the podcast for you!