#210 | Eyes Wide Shut: Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Casting Couch Culture (feat. Cheena, LaTria & Alasha) | #saysomethingreal

With the publication of three explosive, long-in-the-works exposés in the New York Times and The New Yorker on his sexual misconduct, the empire of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein began to crumble. In light of the allegations, dozens of women – including stars like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan – have stepped forward with stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Of course, Weinstein’s alleged crimes are not unique to him. Many women – and some men – have shared their own stories, citing the sexual misconduct of industry executives, directors and stars such as Ben Affleck. In this special episode, the SSN Crew is joined by special guests Cheena, LaTria, and Alasha to discuss the Harvey Weinstein scandal, what it means for the immediate future of The Weinstein Company and the American film and TV industry as we know it, and what sorts of reforms and changes can be instituted to make Hollywood a safer work environment.

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