SSNPod #212 | Wakandan Fish Plate Special (feat. LaTria) | #saysomethingnew

The latest “Black Panther” trailer has now broken the Internet (again!). Judging from fan reactions, by February we’re guessing the film will break bank accounts as fans worldwide gear up to turn up in the cineplex. The SSN Crew, with special guest LaTria, discusses the “Black Panther” hype, as well as the nominations for the 2017 American Music Awards, “The Good Place,” “The Snowman,” “Ghosted,” the latest developments in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Tyrese making a hip-hop album no one is asking for, and Waka Flocka bringing shame to Deb Antney’s name by claiming he’s “not an African-American.”

• 0:00:00 Film Reviews
  ◦ “Wonder Woman” (2017)
  ◦ “Adventures of Captain Marvel” (1941)
  ◦ “The Snowman” (2017)
• 0:11:29 Film News: “Black Panther” Trailer, Weinstein scandal + more
• 0:42:15 TV Reviews
  ◦ “Riverdale” (The CW)
  ◦ “Ghosted” (FOX)
  ◦ “The Good Place” (NBC)
  ◦ “American Horror Story: Cult” (FX)
• 0:48:24 TV News: Shonda Rhimes in TV Hall of Fame + more
• 0:52:56 Music Reviews
  ◦ Ty Dolla Sign
  ◦ Snow Allegra
  ◦ Sabrina Claudia
  ◦ Division – “Morning After”
  ◦ Tamar Braxton – “The Bluebird of Happiness”
• 1:01:00 Music News: 2017 AMA Nominations
• 1:05:16 Say Something Nice Challenge


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