SSNPod #214 | Disney, Lee, Spielberg, Lucas: One Must Have Never Existed | #saysomethingreal

George Lucas. Steven Spielberg. Stan Lee. Walt Disney. Each is an icon of the entertainment history, credited for a bevy of innovations and iconic works. But what if, in “Back to the Future”/”Legends of Tomorrow” fashion, the timeline were accidentally altered where one of them never existed. The SSN crew plays a dangerous game of chance with these titans of the entertainment industry, debating who to save and whose life and work will be erased from the annals of pop culture history. Join us as we imagine a world without “Star Wars,” “Jaws,” “Spider-Man” or Mickey Mouse.

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Join Brandon, John, Kareem, Ken, and Jamison as we discuss, dissect, and try to make sense of the past, present, and future in film, television, music, animation, race relations in media - and on occasion comics and tech - while trying to remain sane. If you’re tired of hearing the same (*ahem*) monochromatic take on modern media, we’re the podcast for you!

1 Comment

  1. Dr. Claw

    November 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    This was a tough one. For me, it’s only because of which of the two names I would pick.

    Disney and Stan Lee (someone I figured would be mentioned more) are completely safe. It was between Lucas and Spielberg for me, strictly for the pettiest of reasons. The point at which they intersect is PEAK #Poopamount.

    Ultimately, I went the Brandon route and chose Spielberg. Though, what made Lucas famous probably wouldn’t have happened w/o him, I had to go with that, because I think the only film I like of Spielberg’s w/o conditions is probably The Color Purple. And even that’s a lie, because there is a condition: you have to view that film as a comedy (much like the only way anyone should watch Gone With The Wind). The reason is, with his blockbusters came a particularly pernicious effect on the industry.

    You covered it pretty much in the episode “This Podcast Is Not Rated”, but Spielberg’s blockbusters (especially early) routinely got passes (i.e. lower ratings) for content because of the prospective money they would make. Though ultimately, I should blame the MPAA, I’m putting part of that blame on #Poopamount because I know they had a role in a number of them. Most of that has been course corrected now, but he’s made more shit that I wish I could unsee when I expected otherwise. If you think John has a flair for trolling, never put me on the mic when Spielberg films are discussed.

    (to be fair, a number of Disney films qualify too, especially in the drab and dreary ’80s. it was like Disney got automatic “G” ratings for their films, even when people and animals alike get implied Mortal Kombat violence).