SSNPod #214 | Disney, Lee, Spielberg, Lucas: One Must Have Never Existed | #saysomethingreal

George Lucas. Steven Spielberg. Stan Lee. Walt Disney. Each is an icon of the entertainment history, credited for a bevy of innovations and iconic works. But what if, in “Back to the Future”/”Legends of Tomorrow” fashion, the timeline were accidentally altered where one of them never existed. The SSN crew plays a dangerous game of chance with these titans of the entertainment industry, debating who to save and whose life and work will be erased from the annals of pop culture history. Join us as we imagine a world without “Star Wars,” “Jaws,” “Spider-Man” or Mickey Mouse.

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Join Brandon, John, Kareem, Ken, and Jamison as we discuss, dissect, and try to make sense of the past, present, and future in film, television, music, animation, race relations in media - and on occasion comics and tech - while trying to remain sane. If you’re tired of hearing the same (*ahem*) monochromatic take on modern media, we’re the podcast for you!

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