SSNPod #216 | As The Tyrese Turns | #saysomethingnew

Do you remember 1999? “Star Wars: Episode I” washed over multiplexes like a tidal wave of disappointment, Kevin Spacey gave an Oscar-winning performance as a sexual predator, and Tyrese was best known for singing Coca-Cola jingles. Almost eighteen years later, the newest “Star Wars” film is forcing movie theaters to give Disney extra money, Kevin Spacey is being run out of Hollywood because he actually IS (allegedly) a sexual predator, and Tyrese is on Instagram every day revealing far too many of his feelings to us. The SSN Crew discusses all of these topics and more, including the beautiful Blackness of the new “Lion King” cast, “Strange Things 2,” and Chris Brown making an album that might be more than a tad too long.

• 0:00:00: Inside the Hollywood Scandals
• 0:46:24: Film News
• 1:01:17: TV Reviews
  ◦ “The Flash” (The CW)
  ◦ “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (The CW)
  ◦ “Stranger Things” (Season 2, Netflix)
  ◦ “Riverdale” (The CW)
  ◦ “The Gifted” (FOX)
• 1:13:11: TV News
• 1:26:35: Music Reviews
  ◦ Chris Brown – “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” (2017)
  ◦ N.E.R.D. & Rihanna – “Lemon”
• 1:39:18: Music News
• 1:52:54: Say Something Nice Challenge/In Memoriam
• 2:12:09 Post-Show: Mashed Potatoes!

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