SSNPod #237 | With Great Wokeness Comes Great Responsibility | #saysomethingnew

Between the Oscar nominations and the Grammy Awards, it seems like everyone is trying to get a miniature golden statuette. However, despite some history-making Oscar nominations from people like Mary J. Blige and Jordan Peele, not everyone who may have deserved it got invited to the Academy’s slumber party this year. The SSN Crew discusses the nominees for the 90th Academy Awards – and those snubbed from that list, Sony pushing “Super Fly” through production at light speed, the new Netflix series “The End of the F***ing World,” and our “Riverdale” buddy Jughead Jones becoming a textbook example of what happened when freshly minted white wokeness goes wrong.

• 0:00:00: 2018 Academy Awards Nominations
• 0:26:00: 2018 Film News: “Super Fly” remake vs. “The Incredibles 2”
• 0:33:45: TV Reviews
  ◦ “grown-ish” (FreeForm)
  ◦ “Riverdale” (The CW)
  ◦ “Black Lightning” (The CW)
  ◦ “The End of the F***ing World” (Netflix)
• 0:58:30: TV News: New Pilots for Fall + more
• 1:11:49: Music Reviews
  ◦ Migos – “Culture II” (2018)
  ◦ Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton – “Say Something” (2018)
  ◦ Sly & the Family Stone – “Stand!” (1969)
• 1:19:47: Music News: 2018 Grammys (in progress updates)
• 1:26:31: SSN Challenge: The 2018 Razzies

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Join Brandon, John, Kareem, Ken, and Jamison as we discuss, dissect, and try to make sense of the past, present, and future in film, television, music, animation, race relations in media - and on occasion comics and tech - while trying to remain sane. If you’re tired of hearing the same (*ahem*) monochromatic take on modern media, we’re the podcast for you!

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